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Obedience Training 

Obedience Training

Our gun dogs are trained to walk at heel off lead, will be shot conditioned and introduced to live birds plus retrieving. The pups will also be introduced to swimming, well socialized, utvs, boat rides, and place training.  They will be trained for the structure of a learning atmosphere.  Part of what sets us apart is; YOUR DOG COMES HOME! We train with the goal of having your dog work for the handler (that's you), not just the trainer (that's us). We'll work together to decide how quickly a trip back home makes sense and, at the time of pick-up, spend approximately 15-30min training on homework you'll practice while your dog is away.  You can expect around 2 months average; knowing every dog is different and training will be adjusted as progress is complete.  Any dog that completes Obedience Training is then eligible for boarding at our kennels as well as more advanced training if desired. 

Finished Level Gun Dog Training 

Schillings Gun Dogs Chamipon Retriever

This is where your dog can really shine! Our finished dogs aim to bring home blue ribbons (more than one if we're doing it right). Once your dog has completed Finished Level Training, they qualify for out-of-state hunting experiences. The benefits of hunting in new environments are critical for a dogs maturity; creating a well-rounded finished dog.​​ Pointers will be introduced to complex scenarios and landscapes, and will work on live hunts with other dogs to gain experience. Retrievers will be capable of long blinds and multiple long marks.  Finished retrievers will be used to many different landscapes in which they will be hunting. Flushers will be used to track running birds and worked with pointers on hunts to give them experience in real life scenarios.

Seasoned Level Gun Dog Training 

Gun Dog Training

Let us help bring your dogs natural honed skillset to life. On average, a dog will spend 3 months with us for this level of training. As with all of our training methods, we aim to send your dog home during the course of Seasoned Level Training. Upon completion at this level, your dog qualifies for field days with a trainer on guided hunts - at the handlers descretion of course.  Pointers will quarter well, be steady to wing and shot, cast to retrieve and deliver to hand. Retrievers will honor, mark multiple birds, and execute short blinds well in water and on land. Flushers will quarter well, flush game, mark after the shot, and retrieve on command and deliver to hand.


Dog Boarding

Requirements - 2 day minimum stay (charges per 24hrs / 25hrs is 2 days) - Up to date vaccination records must be provided at drop-off - It's best to call for reservations at least 2 weeks in advance. Facilities - Kennels are locations on 10 acres of secluded property in Chelsea, AL - Dogs are kept in 5x10 outdoor covered kennels with a private box in each - We diligently clean & sanitize full kennel area Exercise & Play Dogs are taken out, at minimum, 45 minutes per day. Our property includes wooded areas, trails & access to a lake. Feeding All dogs are fed Victor High Pro Plus unless otherwise provided. If you plan to supply your own food, please bring in air-tight container.   Pick-Up Drop-Off We are happy to offer pick-up and drop-off options. Please be ready to discuss at the time that you call to reserve your boarding spot (additional fees may apply)

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